The sound of my Coffee

Have you ever tasted food or drink and thought of a song that it tasted like? 
While reviewing our selection of African Coffees at Peet’s- I decided to pair each coffee with a song for us all to listen to while we taste. Helps me remember spicifc flavors from each cup with a cool sound attached! 
If you have time- go get yourself a cup of coffee or tea and try it out. 
1. Arabian Mocha Sanani: GOLD by Chet Faker
Notes: hints of coco and dates with a complex pungent aroma. Wine like favors and a dry finish. This is the ONLY natural process coffee on our menu.
(Our Espresso Forte blend has a secret natural processes bean from Brazil, but that is a BLEND of coffees, and Sanani is a SINGLE ORIGIN bean that is entirely Naturally processed!) 

Taste with this song: Faker utilizes subtle nuances of silky smooth African bongo drums that pair with the natural earthy / winy taste of Sanani. Both the song and the coffee are pure GOLD. šŸ™‚ 

2. Congo Organic Kivu: THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL by Michael Jackson
Notes: Rose Petal aroma, and graham cracker sweetness. Features hints of just baked fruit crumble. Certified FAIR TRADE and ORGANIC. This is our 50th anniversary offering. 

Taste with this song: Jacksons’s upbeat melody matches the punchy mouthfeel of Congo at first sip. Sweet sentimental lyrics that match sweet biscuit flavors in the coffee.

3. Ethiopian Fancy: Jailhouse Rock by Elvis 
Notes: medium bodied with tangy citrus flavors. Washed process bean. Ethiopia is the BIRTHPLACE of coffee. Known for floral notes and flavor.

Taste with this song: the “tangy” beat in Jailhouse Rock matches the punch in Ethiopian Fancy. The lemony citrus flavors that pucker the back of your tongue match the shocking hip swiveling Elvis popularized in the 50’s. Ethiopia = birthplace of coffee as Elvis = birth of American Rock and Roll. 

4. Uzuri African Blend: Loud Places by Jamie xx ft. Romy
Notes: mouthwatering malty sweetness and berry tones. Washed processed and blend is helped by Technoserve (a non profit partner of Peet’s). Uzuri means BEAUTIFUL in Swahili. This is a Blend of African beans that helps create sustainable lifestyles for women and children living and working on African farms.

Taste with this song: quiet whispering voice of Romy in this song pairs perfectly with the subtle berry notes in the coffee. As you sip, the flavor builds just as the song builds up to its peak in sound. A lovely underlying pace that just gets easier to love as song progresses comparable to this equally lovable understated coffee.

5. Kenya: Angel by: Shaggy
Notes: brown sugar sweetness and smooth berry and citrus overtones. Sweet citrus like blueberry or ripe raspberry, not lemony like Ethiopia. Washed process coffee that is sold through auction.

Taste with this song: just as Kenya contributes sweet sugary notes, “Angel” also portrays a sweet lyric and sound. Rayvon is featured in the chorus of this song as a steady rapping element that ties in with the consistent juicy berry flavor that Kenya provides. 


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